XSI facial rig for Maya

3D Commercial – Runtime : 32 seconds
Customer : Dlp Paris
Producer : Vinamilk
First aired : 2017

Rig and facial expressions

We met Dlp Paris during our collaboration on a documentary featuring extinct prehistoric animals : “Le mystère des géants disparus” (The disappeared giants mystery) .
For the Vinamilk project, the goal was to come up with a simple but convincing facial rig in a relatively short time.
We had a facial rig in Softimage XSI and proposed to provide it as a basis for the modeling and speed up the manufacturing process.

Using a XSI asset for Maya

In commercial projects the efficiency is very often the key.
The interoperability capacity of our tools has been an interesting feature for this intervention.
The modeling received, the asset has been revised and blendshapes were integrated.
The rigging was thus built in XSI and exported to Maya for the delivery.
The great responsiveness of each one has allowed to quickly reach the objective and will lead to a new and more ambitious collaboration, for the Cheestrings Ficello commercial.