Cheestring Ficello


When rigs come alive on their own?

Project : Commercial – 29 seconds – 3D / Keyframe
Customer : Dlp Paris
Director : Chris Delaporte
First aired : May, 2018

A cartoon character in live filming

For this new collaboration on a commercial, Dlp Paris commissioned us to build a dragon and the head of a cartoony character, with long shaggy hair.

For us this project which follows Vinamilk, was the opportunity to perfect our rigging approach in the particular context of advertising, and to implement the latest version of our dynamic system “tkSpring“.

Automation of dynamic behaviors

That is where we focused on. The hairs dynamics were treated in rig and automated.
Indeed, an advertisement project requires speed and flexibility. So the goal was to provide a system that would reduce the animation time without being limiting.
That’s why each controller integrated its dynamic behavior (including wind, turbulence, gravity …) but remains totally manageable individually.

A little preview of this advertisement, already widely broadcasted.