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Expertise of a studio with proven technology

The rig was invented to automate long and repetitive tasks in order to save time in animation.

In other words, the rig exists to go faster, and riggers and animators are working together to produce animation as efficiently as possible.

So in a context where the quality of images is constantly increasing, because a rig will be used for thousands of hours and pass through many hands, we offer a specialized service, designed to optimize production and speed up animation.

Production ready

Rigging can start immediately, without autorig development, the assets are delivered ready to animate, and remain usable in production long after our intervention.

Usable without any plug-in

Support and maintenance until the end of production

Motion capture, crowd softwares and real-time engines compatible

Animator’s friendly

Up to 4 characters in the scene in real-time, 360 °amplitude on all joints and automated behaviors for repetitive tasks.

High-performance (up to 100 fps)

Robust and stable for extreme poses and motion

Intuitive and effective thanks to integrated tools (selection, animation processing, dynamics ...)

Make up your own opinion !

Our workflow


Understand your needs


Modeling approval


Production templates


Layout version


Build each asset


Because there are always a few

How it works ?

Any intervention starts with analyzing your needs: types of characters, vehicles, props, and features needed for production.
There is one template per category. Also, once the template is approved, all the characters of this template integrate the features.
This way, any evolution of the template automatically leads to the update of all the characters using it.

Close collaboration

Because rigging is between modeling and animation, close collaboration is needed. We therefore provide technical advice, monitoring and reporting throughout the duration of our intervention.

Your autorig is ready !

One of the strengths of the service is the ability to produce your assets right now, without upstream development, which is a real time saver.

Something more ?

After-sale service !
Toonkit tracks assets until the end of production.
The team remains present after the end of the intervention to ensure fixing and debugging.
Some even say we are rather responsive !

What our clients say

Nous avons fait le choix de travailler avec Toonkit sur deux de nos derniers projets d’animation. Nous sommes totalement satisfaits de cette belle collaboration, grâce à leur professionnalisme, leur talent et leur acharnement ! Nous avons intégré aujourd’hui OSCAR dans notre chaîne de production 3D.

Emmanuel Linot
Directeur général / Solidanim

Toonkit a été un atout précieux pour Yakari dans sa version 3D, l’équipe a répondu avec énergie et efficacité aux impératifs de livraison. Un partenaire sympathique et un grand professionnalisme !

Guillaume Jallot
Directeur de studio / Ellipse studio

Toonkit a su relever les défis artistiques et techniques du film “Croc-Blanc”. Une équipe dynamique, sérieuse et expérimentée grâce à une technologie solide.

Lucie Bolze
Productrice Exécutive / Superprod et Bidibul Productions

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